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Working in a PR agency – what are the benefits?

In my role as a recruiter, I get candidates at various stages of their careers. Some are eager young graduates fresh out of university looking to get on the right career path. Others are at crossroads, working in house and looking to shake it up. In the examples I’ve shared, I often get asked the same question: I’m not sure about working in a PR agency, what’s it really like?

Agencies form a large part of the PR sector in Ireland. The PRII census in 2022 found agencies contributed 35% of workers in the industry. There is lots of jobs out there, but why make the plunge to agency? I’ve jotted down some key reasons as to why you should.

  • Diverse range of work

A top benefit. You’ll get to work on multiple client accounts, which brings unique variety and excitement to your workday work. An agency role allows you to dip your toe into different industries or sectors and get a flavour for what you really like. It also exposes you to different strategies and tactics, gaining vital experience in whatever your next career move is.

  • Time Management

Essential in a PR agency! They’re many plates to spin – WIP meetings, budget tracking, content creation and media pitching to name a few. It can be overwhelming in the beginning, but the more experience you have in a fast-paced environment, the easier it gets. Who knows, this skill might even help you in everyday life!

  • Building a Network

Working in a PR agency allows you to build a network, and fast! The communications mix has changed dramatically over the years, but relationships are still key. Working for multiple clients, attending events, meeting journalists, and talking to influencers gives you a contact book longer than your arm with potential career opportunities in the future.

  • Working with great people!

A piece of feedback I’ve received regularly down the years from candidates is that in house roles can get quite lonely at times. You’re often trying to solve issues on your own when a sounding board is needed. In agency life you’re working with client teams from different backgrounds, which increases creative & critical thinking, working collaboratively with team members to solve complex challenges.

  • Quick Growth

Whatever phase you are in your career, growth is accelerated in an agency. It is a PR agencies obligation to improve your skillset, which ultimately benefits you and client. Agencies are now putting more time in than ever on personal career development through training and personal growth plans. As you climb the ladder, you will career manage other colleagues, empowering them to own their own career path – another skill that will stand you in good stead in your next career opportunity.

  • Focus on Work/Life Balance

Often a bugbear for candidates when looking to move away from agency, but this has changed for the better in the last number of years. A research report Provoke media last year found that work/life balance was the one number priority when it comes to job satisfaction for agency practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic. Agencies in Ireland have taken a huge leap forward and this regard and offer great benefits to improve staff physical & mental health. Initiatives such as increased leave (more than 20 days), team away days, volunteer days and discounted gym memberships are standard in most agencies now, which help you to switch off from your working day when you need to.

We want to hear from you PR agencies across the country are looking for skills and are becoming hugely competitive to get your signature! If you’re looking to move and fancy some of benefits highlighted above, there is a number of agency roles at all levels currently on our books.


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