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Five reasons why you should be on LinkedIn

The go to social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn has over 650 million users across more than 200 countries. Believe it or not the professional network has been around longer than Facebook & Twitter and was founded in 2002. Primarily used for professional networking and career development it also allows job seekers to post their CVs and for employers to post jobs.

So regardless of your industry, role or what stage you are at within your career - there are lots of benefits to having your own LinkedIn.

So here’s out top 5 reasons why you should be using the professional network.

Keep up with your industry.

Staying up to date with relevant news, trends and innovation related to your industry can be overwhelming. With LinkedIn you can connect with and follow the experts within your field as well as other companies, various groups which allows you to see the information they are sharing and posting about.

Contribute to the conversation.

A place for thought leaders - if you too want to be recognised as having a valuable voice within a specific industry LinkedIn is really the only platform thats worth sharing your expertise and opinions on. From bite sized insights to longer form content (using the platform's own built-in publishing tool) and everything in between. You also have the ability to share media, video and links to other online content as well as using this to drive traffic to your website or other platforms to generate leads. The perfect platform to showcase your skills and services to potential clients, customers and employers.

An extension of your CV.

Your profile should contain the same information you would have on your CV. Moreover you can use LinkedIn to showcase more of your personality - something which is difficult and perhaps inappropriate to do on your traditional CV. Here you can build on your professional “brand” so to speak - allowing you to present yourself as an excellent candidate for potential employers to hire. Just like other social networks you should post, comment and engage as well as share examples of your work - all in a (relatively) professional manner of course. Whilst LinkedIn is a social network remember it should be treated differently to Facebook and other social platforms that are deemed more personal than professional. What we’re saying is don’t do anything on LinkedIn you wouldn’t want a potential employer or client to see.

Build your network

An easy and interactive way to maintain your network and make new connections. LinkedIn saves provides you with all the information you need regarding who someone is and what they do as it’s all built into their profile. From keeping in touch with old colleagues to forging new relationships, it’s simply just another reason for you to be using LinkedIn to further your career.

Get hired.

There’s a job board, vacancy posts and an option for you to be contacted directly about suitable positions. Job Board: This is where companies post vacancies, you have the ability to search for a role same as you would on other job boards by location, industry, key words, experience level and salary.

Vacancies in your feed: Hiring managers and recruiters regularly use the site to share openings to their own company page or personal feed. Once you are following them you will be able to see any positions and can quickly apply or be more direct by reaching out and expressing interest to them. Let the job come to you: Last but most certainly not least - the perfect job could fall right into your lap. Most experienced recruiters are using LinkedIns Premium Search feature to find candidates. As long as you have a great profile, that's well built with the right information, recruiters will be able to find you and connect so you can talk about a job - and you haven't even had to lift a finger - well except to set up your profile in the first place. So if you’re not already on LinkedIn, what are you waiting for? It’s easy to get started and we’re sure both you and you’re career won’t regret it!

While you’re at it make sure and follow Spencer Recruitment to keep up to date with our latest positions and industry news.


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