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Director of Public Affairs - PR Consultancy

Our client, a strategic communications and public affairs consultancy, seeks a Director of Public Affairs. This role requires providing strategic counsel to clients, advising on political processes, and supporting media relations.


  • Provide strategic public affairs and corporate communications counsel to clients.

  • Manage client portfolios, including invoicing and budgeting.

  • Support business growth by identifying and securing new opportunities.

  • Supervise account teams to ensure high-quality client service.

  • Contribute to internal initiatives like product development and training.

  • Promote the client through marketing and networking efforts.

  • Stay updated on industry developments to enhance sectoral knowledge.

Key Functions:

  • Understand clients' business needs and deliver tailored strategies.

  • Execute integrated public affairs and communications campaigns.

  • Provide crisis communications advice and engage with media.

  • Offer foresight and insight to anticipate emerging issues and opportunities.


  • Relevant experience in delivering Public Affairs strategies.

  • Knowledge of the Oireachtas and excellent leadership skills.

  • Ability to drive and shape the Public Affairs offering.

Essential Attributes:

  • Strong strategic thinking and analytical skills.

  • Excellent communication and relationship-building abilities.

  • Proactive approach with a focus on achieving results.


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