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Digital Specialist - Education Sector

Our client is a prestigious and renowned educational institution dedicated to excellence in

teaching and research. With a rich history dating back many years, it has established itself as a leader in the field of education. Their mission is to empower individuals with knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on society. Its faculty comprises accomplished educators and scholars who are committed to fostering academic achievement and innovation.

Whether through teacher training, academic programs, or cutting-edge research, our client plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of education and equipping individuals with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving world.

Your Role:

  • Manage website content and updates using WordPress

  • Ensure SEO best practices and report website performance

  • Develop email schedules and templates using Pardot

  • Work with digital agencies on SEO and PPC campaigns

  • Create and publish content, monitor mentions and respond appropriately

  • Analyse social media engagement and unsure brand consistency

Ideal Candidate:

  • Degree in Digital Marketing, Marketing, Project Management or related field

  • 3-5 years plus experience in digital and data analysis with experience in website tracking

  • Subject matter expertise in Digital Analytics Tools, Adobe experience, google analytics, google optimise etc

  • A strong track record of working with digital projects

  • Experience working with WordPress Content Management

  • Experience with Salesforce and Pardot. Experience using databases for advanced segmentation.

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